In a full biohazard suite, behind self-closing doors and working in potentially contaminated areas with some of the world’s most deadly virus strains, Judy Neff found herself bored. But, leave it to beer to make life more interesting.

Judy first moved to Baltimore to earn her PhD. at John’s Hopkins in Microbiology, and a Post-Doctorate at the National Institute of Health studying influenza. After years working to help keep hospitals sterile and safe, she found a passion for the science behind brewing beer.

Judy laughed, “It started as a fun little hobby, and it blew up, and got crazy. I had been getting more and more into beer, and more and more into the craft beer community and I decided my current career avenue wasn’t for me … I made that leap to join the craft beer industry.”

So began Judy’s path toward becoming one of the first and foremost female brewers in the state of Maryland. Read more »